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In-School Child & Teacher Development Programme

ISCTD is designed to enhance, enrich and develop your PE lessons.  


  • A 12-week (one school term) programme aimed at developing children and improving teacher confidence in teaching football and wider PE.

  • Football is the stimulus, but through these sessions children will learn a number of transferable skills, which will impact across the curriculum.  

  • Over the 12 weeks we teach 5 targeted classes (1 hour each) during PE, with the teacher observing, watching and then joining in. 

  • Each session links to National Curriculum - PE, SMSC and health and wellbeing.

  • Boys and girls confidence should improve, with pathways and next steps identified for the teacher. 

  • School assembly and parent workshop as part of the programme. 

  • These sessions will help your school demonstrate Curriculum Intent, using these sessions as part of a broad and balanced curriculum with a focus on using specialist expertise to provide children with the best possible experiences, while also developing your own teachers.

  • Pupil premium and sports premium finding could also be used to run this programme. 

  • FDE certificate of participation 


  • Give teachers a wider knowledge of football delivery and an understanding of techniques used at a variety of levels within the game (grassroots through to academy)

  • Provide children with skills they can use to benefit their football and wider PE activities.

  • Build more confidence in teachers delivery of football in your school.

  • Give children valuable football techniques and knowledge they can you use in school and for their teams at the weekend.

  • Provide teachers with lots of new ideas for delivering football (many of which can be used in other sports) plus providing session plans and ideas for inclusive sessions regardless of numbers.

  • Show teachers how to introduce progression and a professional flow from drill to drill.

  • Offer children and teachers a structured way of showing the difference of individual play and teamwork and where to apply these into game situations.

  • Enable children and teachers to excel at football

  • Provide a long-term platform for your school's football.  Instead of relying on individual brilliance, the programme will demonstrate how to develop players.  Regardless of ability, if a child has a desire to improve this programme will help them achieve their objectives. 


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