Just like so many people, I am a football fan!  I love every part of the game and all the trials and tribulations that come with following our nation's favourite sport.

I am also a father and have children who dream of one day being a professional.  The Messi and Ronaldo shirts are a permanent fixture in our home!

We'd do anything possible to help realise our children's dreams but becoming a professional footballer is not easy, especially in England where thousands upon thousands of young players are looking to become the next big thing.


To help them, I would need to have a better understanding of the game and how it all works 'behind the scenes'.  We all watch matches on the television but the journey most of them players have been on to reach that level is quite incredible.


I decided to not just have an opinion, instead I wanted an educated opinion and so embarked upon the journey of taking my football coaching badges.  I am proud to say I have achieved these but on their own do they make me a good coach?  In much the same way as passing your driving test; yes you have a licence but does that make you a good driver?

I wanted more than just certificates, I wanted the experience and knowledge too so I have spent many years studying football and the physcology behind developing young players.  It is when you start looking into the phsycological benefits football can have on young people that your really begin to realise how far-reaching this sport is.  It can change lives in so many ways.

This journey has given me the experiences and the knowledge I was seeking and every day I add to that; whether it's getting a new idea from a fellow coach or gathering a fresh opinion from a player there are always new things to learn and take on board.

I have coached for many years and continue to do so at grassroots level and at a professional football club.  I coach in schools, I coach teachers and somehow even find time to be a scout at a Category 2 Academy.   I have also gained experience abroad; heading to Iceland to witness, and coach within their hugely impressive youth development structure.  To see how they commit to young players and work with them is amazing and isn't something you see her in the UK where they have so many players to choose from.

I believe passionately that if a child has a burning desire to succeed and a willingness to learn and try new ideas they can become talented footballers.  

That belief and the ways I have seen football impact so profoundly on young people, is why I formed FDE.

As Thorlakur Arnason (Nation Youth Coach of Iceland) says "we look for mentality more than ability in young players and Iceland does that more than any other country".  The results of this approach are evident for the whole world to see.

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