Tag Rugby Coaching Sessions

Manor Fields Primary School


TUESDAYS (Y3&4) 15:20-16:20

FRIDAYS (Y5&6) 15:20-16:20


13 Sessions

£3.00 per student, per week

First Tuesday Session (Y3&4) 14th September

First Friday Session (Y5&6) 17th September


Inclusive tag rugby coaching sessions delivered by qualified FDE coaches designed to be fun and engaging.


Limited places available offered on a first come first serve basis.


Please note:

Participants are required to wear clothing suitable for outdoor sport. A drink is required.


Unless agreed directly with the school, only those who have booked through this online system and provided their details will be able to attend.


The school's COVID policies apply at all sessions.


Should you have any queries please feel free to call us (FDE) on 0844 202 3130, email us info@fdeonline.co.uk or speak directly to the school.

Tag Rugby Sessions

  • By paying the fee it is assumed by FDE that you give your permission for your child to take part in these sessions and we have authority to hold your personal data on file for the purposes of safeguarding.  Our Privacy Policy is provided on our website or upon request by email info@fdeonline.co.uk